A Distillation Station is an excellent business opportunity that allows you to make a real difference to families and businesses in your community. This business opportunity is about more than just selling a line of water distillation equipment; it’s about sharing an ideal of absolute purity in the water people drink and its relationship to our metabolism and good health. It's indirectly helping people live healthier lives through educating them on how to avoid toxic chemicals that are common in all municipal water and ground water nationwide. It’s an awesome goal, and a rewarding business venture to be able to involve others in.  

As a Distillation Station owner or Water Distiller dealer or distributor you can purchase premium water purifiers at wholesale prices, marketing them to families and small businesses. There are several ways that you can expand and customize your business to suit your business plan. For example, you can focus on sales or rentals, you can incorporate a water store into your business, you can request a specific geographical area or even become a regional distributor or dealer.

Some of the advantages of a Distillation Station or SurvivorStill dealer is you can specialize in the home market, business, health industry or the retail business water sales. The market for distilled water or distiller sales is unlimited and growing daily.  Durastill and Aquamedia have both been in the distilled water business since the mid-70s and are the two major pioneers of this industry. Basically, the others have either copied our equipment designs or ridden along on the first wave we created. For 42 years Durastill has been the number one most recognized name in the market, known as the leading manufacturer of top-rated, reliable distillation equipment.

Our premium water distillers have been sold and are used by large multinational corporations, governments, military agencies, universities, doctors, laboratories, and hundreds of thousands of families in over 40 countries around the world. Durastill is highly respected and recommended by most of the Fortune 500 companies associated in any way with water purification or distilled water utilization. 

For over 42 years our major focus has been on education and the process of informing people, businesses and the medical community on distilled water and its relationship to health. Aquamedia and Durastill pride ourselves on being experts in the field and our training materials are used by other water marketing companies as a well-known standard of truth and reliability. 

Aquamedia Corp is recognized as the first company to introduce and implement the retail sales of distilled drinking water to the public. They implemented the Distillation Station as the tool for vending and marketing “Crystal Chilled Distilled” water by installing the very first bottled water vending machine in Bill’s IGA grocery store in Brooklyn, Michigan back in June of 1976. The equipment used was from Durastill, one of their commercial models still marketed today, the model 42C-80. All we needed to do was design and manufacture a stainless-steel vending cabinet which was designed to hold both a 1 gallon and a 5-gallon bottle. 

The Durastill model 42C-80 is still being used by Distillation Stations 42 years later. Many of these units are still functioning today after many part and heating element replacements. The Bottled Water Association has recently reported that drinking water sales in 2016 exceeded 16 billion dollars and Aquamedia Corp is the only company aggressively pursuing the distilled water market. It has not been an easy job marketing the purest, healthiest water on the market, when you have every water filter going back to 1980 making up lies about distilled water to make their filtered water seem more appealing. 

Distilled water was the first water to be sold in supermarkets prior to the first bottled water vending machine, which was installed in Bill's IGA Grocery store in Brooklyn, Michigan in 1976. In the late 50's, 60's and 70's only distilled water was sold in stores and could be found in the household cleaning products and laundry detergent aisles -- since it was used primarily for steam irons and car batteries. Why? Because all other water except rain water and distilled contains other substances, including inorganic minerals that would build up and plug the holes of the steam iron and collect on the lead plates of the battery, shortening the battery's life. 

Michigan was one of the first states to experience and recognize the serious consequences of ground water pollution because of the random disposal of the automobile industry's hazardous waste materials in urban rivers, streams and vacant land along its country roads. At the same time, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was discovering the nationwide pollution of water tables from the indiscriminate dumping of toxic waste, along with chemicals from farming, nitrates, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in addition to leaching from landfills. Clean water? Now, three decades later, the chemicals remain in the water along with additional ones being introduced to our environment at a rate of approximately 1000 new chemicals and toxins per year. 

Despite that fact, municipal water supplies are only required to test for the 127 priority pollutants list in the 1972 Clean Water Act. They stopped testing and adding new chemicals to the list over 30 years ago due to the astronomical number of new chemicals produced annually. It is virtually impossible to remove them from the water. 

Water companies do not have the funds or ability to deal with this increasing dilemma. For this reason alone, the bottled water industry has sprung up and grown exponentially over the years. Forbes Magazine reported that "... the bottled water industry is now growing faster than the economy." In a race to grab a slice of the water profit pie, there are hundreds of water-related companies who manufacture equipment, devices and methods of cleaning up and/or enhancing water. We are told that our city water is "perfectly safe and healthy to drink," even though, as in the case of San Diego's municipal water, it contains 24 of the 127 priority pollutants that are known to cause cancer in humans. It also contains trihalomethanes (THM) at twice the legal limit (6 carcinogens + chlorine), in addition to hydrofluorosilisic acid, used in rat poison and pesticides. The municipal water providers say all these carcinogens are at "safe levels" and meet EPA standards. 

Yeah, right. Give me a glass of water with well over two dozen carcinogens (that they test for), but just make sure they are all at "safe" levels and I'll feel safe and healthy. So now we can buy spring water, glacier, mineral, sparkling, flavored, vitamin water, filtered, de-ionized, reverse osmosis, alkaline water, balanced water, vortex-ed water, zero water and far from last or least, distilled water, just to name a very few! If your goal is to get into the water business and make the most money, I recommend running municipal water through a cheap carbon filter, bottle it and slap on a label that says, "Spring Water"... that is, if you're unethical, like many water companies are. But guess what, it is not against the law to do that in most states. 

The only water that is regulated is distilled water. If you label it distilled, it must be purified by the distillation process. If you buy your water from a vending machine, I highly recommend you check to see what the purification process consists of. If it is "filtration only," the water has only a portion of the chemicals removed and all the inorganic minerals remain. The body cannot utilize these inorganic minerals; only organic ionic minerals from food are healthy and can be utilized by the body. Inorganic minerals cannot be absorbed by cells and can contribute to plaque in the colon, kidney stones and several other ailments. 

Reverse osmosis is the most common method of water purification which, when brand new, can eliminate more than 90 percent of carcinogens. However, the filters need to be replaced after treating a certain number of gallons of water. If they are not replaced, the quality of the filtered water begins to degrade rapidly to the point where the water coming out of the vending machine can be worse that the municipal water being filtered. When the filters have reached their capacity to hold chemicals, they start releasing the trapped materials with each vend as the water volume and pressure forces them loose. 

The only water that can be trusted consistently is water that has been purified through the distillation process. This consists of boiling the water, killing all bacteria, cysts, amoeba and water-borne diseases, leaving all chemical and other pollutants in the boiling tank, collecting the steam and cooling it back into liquid distilled water. This water is then polished by a carbon filter to eliminate the possibility of volatile organic compounds that may have turned to a gaseous form and passed through with the steam. The result is pure, clean, healthy H2O plus nothing. 

Distilled water is so pure that it is a natural solvent (hungry, empty of any other substance or compound). Therefore, distilled water will easily dissolve inorganic mineral plaque buildup in the colon, kidneys (stones), gall bladder (stones) and other parts of the body and flush them out. Our bodies consist of over 70% water which needs to be replaced daily from loss through perspiration, evaporation through breathing, elimination of waste through the colon and bladder. Water is needed to create blood, lymph, digestive juices, lubricants, bodily fluids, etc. 

Depending on the purity of the water we consume, our body needs to remove all the carcinogens, toxins, chemicals, and worthless inorganic minerals (dirt) before it can be used. The cleaner the water is to begin with, the faster it can be used for hydration and other bodily functions. According to Andrew Weil, MD, ("America's Doctor" and one of Time Magazine's "Top 100 most influential people"), distilled water is not only the most consistently pure, clean healthy water -- it is the water he drinks regularly. Dr. Weil also said that the latest fad of "alkaline water" is a scam. He calls it "bogus, save your money." He claims that the $2,000-$6,000 machines sold worldwide produce alkaline water at 8+ pH. This does not in any way change the body or blood pH, because the very moment that the alkaline water reaches the stomach, the stomach acid instantaneously neutralizes it before it ever leaves the stomach! 

Over ten years ago a well-known doctor on the internet claimed that "early death comes from drinking distilled water." He and several other "professionals" that have quoted him have caused this myth to go viral on the internet. When you Google that phrase, there are close to one and a half million results. Most of these published (false) quotes come from individuals who are marketing water filters or alkaline water machines. To claim that alkaline or filtered water is the best, they feel the need to malign or disparage the best, purest and healthiest water for drinking, which is distilled. Not only is distilled the best drinking water available, it is the cheapest in any supermarket in America. 

When this offender stated over 10 years ago that the “continued use of distilled water will bring early death," it was a hard-stumbling block to get over. I managed to refute his false claim in the most effective way possible. On four of my websites, I offered a cash reward of $10,000.00 to this well-known doctor or anyone else that could come up with any medical or scientific facts that in any way showed that drinking distilled water was dangerous! 

The offer still stands and to date, no one has claimed it. It is time now to separate the myths, misconceptions and outright fabrications about distilled water and its relationship to health and to the physiology of the human body. Distilled water is simply the most consistently pure water available anywhere and is the only regulated water on the market. 

Myths About Distilled Water 

The most popular myth about distilled water is that all the important minerals that the body needs have been removed. First, most minerals found dissolved in water along with chemicals, carcinogens and toxins are inorganic in nature, not ionic or chelated* and able to be absorbed and used by our bodies. They instead cause plaque on the colon wall. A staggering statistic is that 33% or one out of three people over 55 will contract colon cancer! 

Dr. Charles Mayo, founder of the prestigious Mayo Clinic, not only recommends drinking distilled water, but says, "Water hardness is the underlying cause of many, if not all, of the diseases resulting from poisons in the intestinal tract." Another false claim is that "distilled water leaches valuable minerals from the body." First of all, distilled water does not leach minerals from the body. People who make that claim are more than likely some uninformed "professional" with little or no knowledge of the body's physiology. When you drink distilled water or any water, it is absorbed through the walls of the intestines (colon) and the body removes nothing from the water that is not beneficial. Then the water is used to make blood, lymph, digestive juices, lubricants, bodily fluids, etc. Distilled water is simply pure H2O + nothing. It does not course through our veins, blood does! Blood delivers nutrients to the body's cells and carries away waste materials. Blood is not going to deliver a protein, mineral or vitamin to a cell and then take it away. 

To put it simply, distilled water does not leach minerals from the body. For those of you who believe that, I suggest you take a summer adult high school education course in chemistry. 

Since the establishment of Distillation Station in 1976 and distilled water vending, no one has been able to prove that early death comes from drinking distilled water, or that distilled water leaches minerals from your body. To date, no one has claimed the $10,000 offer by submitting a blind study or published paper proving in any way that pure, clean distilled water can cause an early death or leach minerals from the body. The offer is still open. The truth is that I personally have been drinking a gallon of distilled water per day for over 40 years. I fast from all food for a minimum of 21 days annually. 

Over the years I have done three 40-day fasts on just distilled water. I fasted a year ago for 60 days: 40 days, then a break of 6 days eating only vegetables, and then continued another 20 days (for a total of 60 out of 66 days). No "early death" here, just perfect health and longevity. 

I guess a man with an experience is not at the mercy of a man with an argument. Change your water and change your health. Drink distilled water purified nature's way: evaporation and condensation.

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