Distillation Station Vending

There's no better product to sell than one everyone needs daily, water!  $16,000,000,000 in sales in 2016! How about you?

Distillation Station 1976-2017

America's First Bottled Water Vending


The only water sold in US grocery stores in 1976 was distilled water- It was purchased for steam irons and car batteries, until Distillation Station came along!

Testing Customers Water Samples


Founder, Douglas Hoover testing water samples from customers of Bill's IGA Grocery Store in Brooklyn, MI in June of 1976

Owner of Bill's IGA Grocery


John Messimer demonstrating his new stainless steel vending cabinet 10 years after installing the original equipment. Now selling 2,500 gal/wk.

Super Markets


By installing our vending inside the store, customers that came in for just the water, always end up buying other items.

Food Club Stores


Food club type stores already offer food items at near wholesale prices, so Distillation Station is a perfect addition to the inventory.

Health Food Grocery Stores


Health food stores attract customers that value food free of GMO, chemicals, pesticides and hormones. Now they can  offer the purest, healthiest water.

Quick Convenience Stores


As we discovered with grocery stores, the customers enter the store to fill bottles and  more than likely make other purchases while in the store for water.

Distilled Water Vending


 Forget single-use bottled water, start using a sustainable water dispenser to fill your sports bottles. The Distillation Station dispenser features the ability to fill five-gallon and one-gallon jugs.

Whole Food Stores


Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Fitness Sports Clubs


This San Diego club is where I first joined LA Fitness and soon learned how unhealthy the water was coming from their fountains.

Distilled Water & Exercise


Most sports clubs, gyms and fitness centers offer only tap water for clients to hydrate while exercising. Few members are aware of the water quality.

For Hydration & Bulk Dispensing


Distillation Stations provide both Hydration Stations and 1 & 5 gallon bottle filling stations so members can purchase water for home at wholesale prices. 

Hydrate w/ Crystal Distilled

If ever there was a more important time to stay hydrated, it would be during strenuous exercise. Most sports clubs and gyms offer their clients tap water from a drinking fountain. Most are unfiltered or the filters are rarely changed. You are replacing the water lost through perspiration and respiration with water that is well known to contain many harmful chemicals and inorganic compounds. Your kidneys need to filter out all these toxins before replacing the the water loss.

Distilled Water & Health


Most gyms, spas, sports clubs and fitness centers provide disgusting chemical-laced tap water for their members or clients to hydrate with...

Distillation Hydration Station


"Crystal Chilled Distilled" Coming Soon to a...

Gym, Sports Center or LA Fitness near you!

No More Unhealthy Tap Water


 After installing a Distillation Hydration Station, Aquamedia Group offers free classes: "The Body's Metabolism & Exercise" related to water & health.


42 Gallons per day- 100 gallon storage- Plus 1-5 gal./ vending cabinet




42 Gallons per day- 100 gallon storage- Plus 1-5 gal./ vending cabinet


"Distilled Water & Health"

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